On-Line Training

Take the on-line training course at your convenience for one to six months. It may be accessed as many times as you prefer during the period purchased. Once it has expired you may purchase it again for a reduced price. Courses will demonstrate “how to’s” on using the software. In addition, background and practical information is taught to enrich your learning experience.

On-Site Training

Businesses often require the services of one of our professional consultants’ or professional instructors’ to visit your office to train one or more staff/individuals with “live data” entry. It is often more prudent to use real life documents to enhance the learning participation. Participants not only learn how to enter the document but also the process going on behind the scenes. On-site training is pre-scheduled at times convenient to both parties. Usually training sessions take place for only a half day so staff can keep up with their daily activities at work.

Live On-Line/Telephone Training Support

Clients often need the expertise of a professional to learn a specific task or tasks due to time constraints. Agate offers the flexibility to present these services on an as needed basis. Customers pay only for what they need whether it is for several hours or fifteen minutes. Topics are unlimited but are based on the software they are using. Accounting issues are solved in conjunction with the use of the software.


Many times during the course of a year we choose popular topics which are most requested and offer short webinars to explain issues encountered when working with accounting and other software. Topics range from fifteen minutes to an hour in length. A great feature with these is they can be repeated (replayed) over and over again for the time limit purchased.

Classroom Training

For general stream learning we offer classroom instruction to individuals or company employees as a group in a central location. We can supply equipment or you can bring your own computer. Classes are structured with practical hands-on learning. Classes are generally either half day or full day sessions.