New Web Portal in response to COVID-19

We now offer a web portal on behalf of our current and future clients. There is no need for any paper transactions when they can be electronic I.E. .pdf documents, scanned or digitized documents, pictures. In response to COVID-19 of keeping social distancing any financial documents can be selected, scanned, photographed or enabled in an electronic format and dragged and dropped into our secure and encrypted web portal. Not only can you send documents to us but you can also receive your T1, T2 tax returns and financial statements from our secure and encrypted virtual filing cabinet which can be accessed at your leisure. We will give you a password hint only you will know to enable the process. In light of the current crisis using this service will prevent unneeded personal contact with us and us with you. However, for those who want to visit (call first) you must abide by the rules of social distancing (2 metres) and wearing a mask for appointments, dropping off paperwork or signing documents. CRA has decided to accept electronic signatures during this trying time.

There is no extra charge for the web portal service!

As we have for many years we accept electronic forms of payment (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, E-transfers, bank transfers, Visa and MasterCard Debit). Monetary cheques and cash are still accepted!