Sage 50 Accounting—Canadian Edition (Release 2020.1)

This product update covers all product solutions of Sage 50 Accounting (Release 2020.1).

What’s new and product improvements

Pro Premium Quantum
Improvements for Sage 50cloud
Importing timesheets

When working in payroll, if you track employee hours in a spreadsheet or time-tracking application, you can now easily import those hours and other payroll information[1], such as vacation paid, salary, loans, and even Tippable Sales and Tips for Quebec, in addition to project allocation, if any. Use the provided CSV template to simplify importing hours and information the first time. The template shows the required and optional columns and the allowed field formats for less guesswork. The accompanying timesheet reports include detailed, daily summary, or weekly summary.

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Easy access to cloud apps & services

With just a click, you can now access our cloud   offerings that are included with Sage 50cloud on the Apps & Services pane.

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Payroll enhancements
Allocating income to projects

New to Pro Accounting and Premium Accounting, you can now allocate salary-type incomes to projects on the basis of hours.

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Pro Premium Quantum
Printed T4 update

You asked and we listened! You can now include the employer address on the printed T4.

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Improved user experience
Budget now on by default for new companies

You asked and we listened! When you create a new company, the option Budget revenue and expense accounts is now on and the Budget period frequency is set to Monthly. You can also access the budgeting options through Settings from the Setup menu.

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Government compliance
Payroll tax updates for January [2], 2020

If you have a support plan that includes payroll tax updates, you benefit from timely and comprehensive in-house payroll processing within Sage 50 Accounting to help you save time and reduce the risk of payroll tax penalties at year-end.1

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Improved security
Database upgrade

Sage always has your company’s best interest in mind, especially the safety and security of your company data. With this in mind, we have upgraded the Sage 50 database to MySQL 5.7.27. This new technology gives you peace of mind by improving on both.

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Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

(Pro Accounting and higher) In some rare cases, Sage 50 would stop functioning when trying to add a logo in the company Settings. This has been fixed.

(Pro Accounting and higher) Sage 50 will now successfully print an invoice, which contains a long line description, even when you have selected the option Export CSV Files on the Form Data Export tab in the Reports and Forms window.

(Pro Accounting only) You can use cash-basis accounting after converting a Sage 50 company file from Release 2019.1.

(Pro Accounting and higher) A purchase invoice that is paid by direct deposit is no longer missing the payment date.

(Pro Accounting and higher) If you allocate paycheques by amount, the Unallocated Project Amounts report no longer shows very minor unallocated amounts for Wages and Salaries, EI Expense, and CPP Expense.

(Premium Accounting and higher) Adding time slips to payroll will not impact the hours of income fields that are not on the time slip.

(Premium Accounting and higher) When you use locations for inventory and add historical data for the opening quantities and values at locations other than the primary location, the new prices are now calculated correctly if you update the price list by cost.

[1] You need a service plan that includes payroll.

[2] You need a service plan that includes payroll.