Sage 50 Accounting Consulting

Agate provides the consulting services you need to run your business using a variety of software packages. Whether you are starting your business or are a seasoned business owner needing to expand or operate more efficiently and effectively Agate will assist you. Problem solving, accounting work flow processes, data integrity/balancing issues, account revisions and resolving file corruptions are some of our specialties.

We specialize in Sage 50 Accounting(formerly Simply Accounting) and Sage Business Cloud Accounting(now Sage Accounting) products. Recording accounting and bookkeeping entries sometimes need an expert not only in the software but also in the proper handling of specific issues when it comes to the accounting and bookkeeping terms and what is needed.

Accounting Software Training

Agate offers various options for training. Whether you would prefer to train at home, the office or other location we have the training sessions for you. Our team of qualified certified instructors/trainers are available to teach via webinar, on-line sessions(remote), telephone, in-person on-site or in a classroom setting. Software training is offered for Sage 50 Accounting(formerly Simply Accounting), Sage Business Cloud Accounting(now Sage Accounting), Quickbooks, Quickbooks On-line, Business Intelligience or MS-Excel.

We offer general classroom training, on-site (your business site)training, remote (on-line)/telephone training, group training, one to one training or webinar training. Customized training or specialized training is available for those with specific needs E.G. Just Reconciliations. It is your choice! Contact us!

Accounting Software Service & Support

Agate provides support for Sage 50 Accounting, Sage Business Cloud Accounting(now Sage Accounting), Quickbooks, Quickbooks On-Line and other accounting software. You choose the support you need whether it is immediate telephone support, remote access support, e-mail support or in-person on-site. We handle any and all of your questions and issues regarding Sage 50 (Simply) or Sage Business Cloud Accounting(now Sage Accounting). Our in-house Sage 50 Platinum Certified Consultant/Trainer and Sage Business Cloud Certified Advisor can assist you with any issue you have.

If you don’t ask the question it doesn’t get answered. We offer “second to none” service and support. Contact us for pricing agreements!

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping is provided to those who want peace of mind from the daily tasks of recording sales, receipts, purchase invoices, payments, payroll and journal entries. We provide the service for small to larger profit or non-profit business/organizations either manually or computerized. Let’s face it, not everyone needs a computerized set of books. It comes in handy though when you have a great deal of transactions and information to go through. Our service is secure, safe and insured for errors and omissions.

Whether your business is a single proprietorship, partnership or limited company/corporation Agate can prepare your financial statements and notes to the statements. In addition, we can alert you to financial/performance indicators and trends happening in your business. We want your business to succeed and be profitable! Let us be your teammates!

Personal Tax Preparation

Agate prepares personal T1’s, T2’s and T3’s. If you have a small single proprietorship or partnership we can prepare your T2125’s and/or T5013’s. For individuals and families we have been completing accurate tax returns for more than 30 years. We will ensure all of your entitled deductions are claimed and that your refund is maximized. For those of you who need a Trust Return (T3) filed we can definately assist you in obtaining a Trust account number and preparing your return. Take your mind off preparing your tax return. Let us take care of it for you!

Corporate Tax Preparation

For corporations and limited companies we can prepare your corporate returns (T2’s) and prepare any T4’s, T4A’s and T5’s and Summaries. We will ensure your corporate taxes are minimized and done correctly. Let our experts worry about your T2 Corporate Tax Return. Contact us at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment!