Payroll – remain accurate and compliant – Pro, Premium & Quantum

New options for pay periods

For years that have 27 and 53 pay periods, you now have that option in the Employee records window.

Updated forms for paycheques and direct deposit

The Pay Period Starting Date field has been added by default to the forms for paycheques and direct deposit.

Improved user Experience – Pro, Premium & Quantum

Post transactions into new calendar year

You can now post transactions, other than payroll, into the next calendar year (in the same fiscal year) without having to close the current calendar year first. You can also look up and adjust these transactions any time.

Company Logo saved to database

When you move your Sage 50 company database to a new computer, you will no longer have to find your company logo and upload it to your company settings. The logo which can be updated at any time is now added to the company database.

Add your company logo to sales quotes and orders

You can now make a visual impact by including your company logo on the forms for sales quotes and orders. When creating a sales quote or order you can also add a logo on the fly.

Enhancement to Invoice Payments

If your customer happens to pay an invoice without using the Pay Now button (E.G. they pay with a cheque), Sage 50 can now update the link in the email and invoice sent to your customer to show that the invoice has already been paid. This saves you time from having to refund the extra payments, or communicating to your customer about the additional payment.

Enhancement for reports

Adjustments are now automatically hidden in the following reports:

Customer Sales Detail, Vendor Purchases Detail, Inventory and Services Transaction Detail and Inventory and Services Sales Detail

At any time you can click to Show Corrections to include any adjustments in a report.

Improved User Experience – Premium and Quantum

Search Criteria in Premium Accounting

You can look up orders that have been completed in Sage 50 Premium. This will allow you to have a more streamlined view of all orders that have been completed at the strike of a key.

Enhancements for copying existing transactions

New to Sage 50 Premium Accounting and previously only available for sales and purchase orders the copy and create new feature has been expanded to include all transaction types in sales and purchases. (You must have a service plan that includes Copy and Create a New Transaction option.)

New category filter when updating price lists

You can now filter inventory and service items according to their assigned category when you are working in the Update Price Lists window.

Resolved Issues

After adjusting an invoice from a partially filled order, the inventory quantity report and the item’s record now display the correct order quantity.

In multi-user mode changing the invoice number to include a non-numeric character after printing or emailing the invoice no longer causes an error when posting.

The reference number now appears on the payment stub when batch printing or emailing an Other Payment transaction for a one-time vendor.